The SenhanceTM Surgical System

The driving force behind greater control

With your surgical skills and our digital interface, you’ll have

greater control in full force.

The SenhanceTM Surgical System removes the economic limitations of current robotic systems with fully reusable instruments and an open-platform architecture strategy that enables hospitals to leverage existing technology investments. That keeps time and cost-per-procedure comparable to manual laparoscopy, so the benefits of robotics can reach more patients, in more care settings, for a greater variety of procedures.

Value-based healthcare is forcing hospitals to find new ways to

improve outcomes, efficiencies, and talent retention1

Three key areas that are challenged by today's landscape

Operating Room Inefficiencies1,2

  • Greater scrutiny on surgical staff to meet quality metrics under cost constraints places additional pressure on surgeons1

  • Technology does not allow surgeons to have control of their own visualization2

Surgical Variability3

  • Poor surgeon/patient and surgeon/technology interfaces produce a significant level of physical and cognitive stress on the surgeon, contributing to surgical errors3

  • Surgeons are expected to optimize operating room productivity while conducting procedures under time pressures within a setting plagued with interruptions

Workforce Challenges4‑6

  • Poor ergonomics

  • Surgeon burnout

  • Impending surgeon shortage

geometric triangle shape
The Senhance System is ushering in a new era of minimally invasive surgery called

digital laparoscopy

Digital laparoscopy provides a digitized interface between the surgeon and patient, giving surgeons improved control, comfort, clinical intelligence, and confidence when performing a wide variety of procedures so that superior value can be delivered to more patients.

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